Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Crystal Healing

Crystal Healing

Humans have had an affinity for stones and crystals as far back as human history goes.  How early man used them exactly we don’t know but we do find archaeological evidence that they did in some way utilize them.  We know that the ancient Egyptians used them in talismans and amulets.  During the renaissance a number of medical treatises extol the healing virtues of crystals.  While these may form some of the basis of the crystal healing practice, it has come a long way since those times.

Modern day crystal healers believe that all stones vibrate with a certain energy field, this field gives the stone or crystal it’s healing properties.  The principal of crystal healing goes something like this…

When we have an ailment or injury or a chakra out of balance it causes a change or imbalance in our own energetic field.  To correct this unbalanced energy the practitioner places crystals with an energy field that will realign our own energy field on the client’s body.  Some practitioners take things further by combining crystal healing with practices such as reiki.  In this practice the appropriate crystals are placed, often on a corresponding chakra, and then the practitioner performs a reiki session while the crystals do their work.  This is a very powerful healing modality.  This describes a full body work session.  Alternately the corresponding crystals can be placed on a specific problem area of the body and the reiki can be focused there instead of doing a full body session.  This is an acceptable practice if you regularly maintain your energetic field though reiki or reiki with crystal healing. 

In my practice I always combine crystal healing with reiki.  The potential benefits/areas where reiki with crystal healing may aid the client are…

-accelerates healing (physical, emotional, and spiritual)
-promotes inner peace
-confidence and self-esteem
-pregnancy and child birth
-chronic pain
-chronic illnesses
-fears and phobias
-trauma and grief
-personal development
-and more

Monday, December 26, 2016

Tarotscopes for the Week of Dec. 26, 2016

Aquarius - Death - This week will bring about changes in your life.  Be willing to let go of the old so that you can embrace the things that are coming into your life.  This is a time to shed the old things that do not serve you in achieving your most authentic self.  Change can be uncomfortable but we must embrace that change is a necessary part of life.

Pisces - The Lovers - Make sure that those you value in your life know that you love them don't just assume they know.  Say, "I love you," more often.  Actions speak louder than words so make sure your actions are telling those around you how much you care for them.

Aries - Justice - This week you are preoccupied by what is right and what is wrong.  You find yourself very caught up in the idea of fairness.  Right wrongs where you can but choose your battles wisely.  Ask yourself if you'll really get the outcome you want if you pursue the issue.

Taurus - The Star - Sometimes you just have to take things on faith.  Everything may not seem like it's going your way but have faith that everything will work out just as it should.  Have faith in yourself as well as whatever higher power you believe in.

Gemini - Knight of Wands -  It's time for you to take a journey, though this is not a physical pursuit.  Journey into your soul.  Are you living a life that is true to who you really are?  Reflect on your true self and look for changes that may need to be made in your life so that you are living more in alignment with who you truly are.

Cancer - Queen of Wands - Confidence is you focus for this week.  Don't let the world dim your light.  Build yourself up this week.  Take stock of the things you're good at and find a way to make them a bigger part of your life.  It's okay to see yourself as above average at things.  You can acknowledge what you are good at and still stay humble.

Leo - Six of Swords - Obstacles will always come into our lives.  As the expression goes nothing worth doing is easy.  Try to see obstacles as opportunities.  Don't just give up, push on.  With persistence will come success in over coming the obstacles before you.

Virgo - Eight of Pentacles - It's okay to recognize what you are good at, but the key word for this week is modesty.  Acknowledge what you are good at but don't make grandiose claims about your skills.  Keep things grounded in reality and remain humble, this will server you best.

Libra - Three of Wands - This is a week for healing.  Take care of yourself physically, emotionally, and spiritually.  Focus on healing your wounds/ailments, whatever they may be.  Take steps to heal yourself and you may even want to reach out to a professional to help you.

Scorpio - Knight of Pentacles - It's hard to wait for the things you want, but your key word this week is patience.  Trust that things will happen in their right time.  Work towards your goals but don't have unrealistic expectations about things manifesting immediately.  All things in due time.

Sagittarius - The Moon - This week be on guard for things that can derail you from your path.  This could be in the form of someone trying to sway you to do things that are not in your best interest.  Be sure that your actions this week are in accordance with your true self.

Capricorn - Queen of Pentacles - Take the time to give thanks for all that you have in your life.  Don't focus on what you don't have, instead give gratitude for the blessings that are already in your life.  An attitude of gratitude will put you in alignment with abundance.

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Herbs to Help with Negative Spirits

Herbs to Help with Negative Spirits

When you look around the web or ask those in the field the number one recommended herb prescribed for clearing negative energies and spirits is white sage.  What though if you can't find it or just can't stand it, like my husband who borders on allergic to it?  There are in fact several other options for you.  In this post you will find a list of herbs that have been used throughout history to help with negative spirits.  Most entries give instructions for their use but for those that don't you can burn them or get creative.  Just please don't ingest anything or ask anyone else to ingest anything.

Agrimony – used to banish spirits

Angelica – protection from evil spirits.  When put in the four corners of your home it creates a shield about the home.  The root is the most important part of the plant.  It can be candied and eaten for personal protection.  Or the root can be powdered to place in a protective amulet, placed in the bath, or used as an incense.

Asphodel – helps spirits cross over to the otherworld

Basil – not a strong herb but it can be sprinkled on the floor to keep away low level bad entities.

Blackberry – make a wreath of the plant for your front door to keep evil spirits away.

Cumin – mix with salt and sprinkle on window sills and doorways to keep evil spirits out.

Daffodil – boil the bulbs to banish unwanted spirits from the home.

Dandelion – bathe with the roots or flowers to create a white light shield around yourself to keep away evil spirits.

High John the Conqueror – the root will banish evil spirits.

Mullein – a very strong herb for driving away evil spirits.

Myrrh – when used as an incense it drives stubborn evil spirits away.

Rosemary – burn as an incense to get rid of hostile spirits.

St. John’s Wort – burn to drive away spirits.

Thyme – burn it to banish spirits.

Vinegar – not an herb but leave wine or apple cider vinegar in a bowl overnight to evaporate and it drives away spirits.

Sunday, December 18, 2016

Mini Reading for the Week of Dec. 18, 2016

The Situation Spirit is trying to draw your attention to - The Lovers -  Spirit is trying to draw your attention to your relationships in your life.  Remind yourself why you love your family and friends.  Take any opportunities this season offers to spend quality time with those you love.

The advice Spirit has to offer - The Ten of Pentacles -  Strengthen family bonds, not just with your blood relatives but also with friends who you view as family.  Really make an effort to devote some time to these important people in your life.  This may also be a good time to mend relationships that have become a little strained.

The outcome Spirit sees - The Nine of Wands - Things are not always as they appear.  While working on your relationships with your loved ones this week you may learn things about them that you had no idea about.  Show family and friends that you'll be there with them through anything.

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Choosing a Tarot Deck

Choosing a Tarot Deck

It is a myth that you must receive your tarot deck as a gift.  There is absolutely nothing wrong with purchasing your own deck and really if someone is going to give you a deck as a gift they should really purchase you one that you have expressed an interest in.  The main reason you should pick out your deck and not someone else is that each deck has its own energy and philosophy and your energy has to make a connection with the deck’s energy.  If that connection isn’t there, the deck just isn’t going to work for you.  So how do you go about choosing the right deck for you?

First ask yourself how much you are willing to spend on a deck.  The average deck goes for around $25 at the time of the writing of this blog, but there are pricier decks out there.  Do you need to find a deck on a budget or can you afford to buy whatever tickles your fancy?  Remember that just because a deck is more expensive does not mean it’s a better deck, and the other way around.  Just because a deck is on the more economical side doesn’t mean it won’t give you stellar results.

The next thing to consider is do you want a tarot deck or would an oracle deck be okay.  This post will focus on tarot decks but when you start off to find the right deck for you you need to know if you’re okay with purchasing an oracle deck if that’s what speaks to you.  There’s nothing wrong with an oracle deck and they aren’t lesser than tarot decks just different but some people have a preference.

Now that you have a price point and a know whether you want a tarot deck or are open to oracle decks as well it’s time to start shopping.  It’s best to support local businesses if you can.  If you are lucky enough to have a brick and mortar store near you that sells tarot decks start there.  One of the main things people look for in a deck is one whose energy feels good to them.  In an actual store front some shop keeps will actually let you handle the deck.  Remember though that if they let you handle it they also let everyone else handle them.  Meaning you’re not just sensing the deck’s energy but the energy of everyone else who’s handled it.  Keep that in mind because you may love the artwork of a deck but if someone with bad energy handled it you may be tempted to pass on it when it’s not the deck that isn’t vibing with you but that person’s energy.  This is a problem you can easily solve if you purchase the deck.

Let’s say you don’t have a local shop or just didn’t find the right deck there.  Now it’s time to start shopping online.  The easiest way to do that is through but if you do know what deck you are looking for you can find other online purchasing options.  If you have no clue where to start you can begin by typing in anything you’re into plus the words “tarot deck.”  You could type in things like: vampire tarot deck, gothic tarot deck, Celtic tarot deck, fairy tarot deck, steam punk tarot deck, or witch’s tarot deck.  Those are just to name a few options. 

The problem with online shopping is that they often, especially on Amazon, don’t show good pictures of the deck.  To remedy this when you find a deck you may be interested in do a quick Google image search for the deck and you’ll get lots of pictures of the actual cards.  Why is this important?  There are a couple of reasons.  The first thing to look for is to see if the minor arcana are pips or pictures.  Some readers don’t like pips and I find that clients often aren’t fond of getting a reading from decks whose minor arcana are pips.  The choice is yours though, if the deck has pips and you’re okay with that then that’s what’s right for you. 

Now take some time to examine the art work.  It needs to move you.  It needs to evoke emotion in you.  The tarot cards are really just triggers for our own natural psychic abilities.  Artwork that moves you and evokes emotion in you is going to serve as a good trigger for your abilities.  Also if you have the gift of picking up on energies through pictures you can feel the energy of the deck by viewing the photos.  You also get a feel for the philosophy of the deck through the artwork or how the deck portrays life.  Is it dark?  Is it vibrant?  Is it whimsical?  Does that philosophy jive with you?  Let’s face it, most of us don’t view the world just one way so it’s an excuse to buy more tarot decks that represent our different views on life.  When doing readings it’s nice if you have a choice of decks because you’ll find that different decks are better suited to answering different questions based on their philosophy and style.  You’ll also find that when you’re reading for a certain client that a certain deck works best for answering them specifically. 

Some tarot readers consider the size of the deck to be an important factor.  If this is something that matters to you be sure to check out the dimensions of the cards in the product description.  Not sure if size matters.  Check out the dimensions then cut out a piece of paper to that size and hold it in your hand.  Does it feel like it would be easy to shuffle and work with?

Read deck reviews.  This is a good idea even if you’re shopping in a brick and mortar location, before you make the purchase hop on your smartphone and check out some reviews before you buy.  This is even more helpful if you’re buying online.  See what others have to say about the deck.  Not only is it a good idea to read the written reviews on sites like Amazon but it can be worth it to search Youtube to see if anyone has done an “unboxing” video for the deck you’re interested in.

When you’re in the process of researching different decks pay attention for signs that a deck is right for you.  If you find yourself daydreaming about a certain deck or actually dreaming about it chances are the deck is calling to you.  Other signs might be coming across other people talking about or reviewing the deck even when you weren’t looking for that info.  If you just can’t stop thinking about a deck, chances are it would be a good one for you.

Now that we’ve talked about how to pick a deck let’s talk about two necessary steps after you get your deck.  Cleansing and Charging. You'll want to cleanse the deck no matter where it came from, even if it was gifted to you by a close friend whose energy you love.  There are an endless number of ways to do this but here are the two that I use.  The first is to pass the deck through the smoke of white sage and the second is to lay smoky quartz and obsidian on them.  In fact I keep a piece of smoky quartz in where I store my deck so that it’s always being cleaned.  After you've cleansed your deck you'll want to charge it, imbue it with your energy.  I start by leaving my deck out under the full moon.  Then I spend time handling the deck; shuffling it over and over, holding the cards while I examine the artwork, and holding the deck between the palms of my hands while sending my energy through them.  

Remember, tarot is a tool, the power is really in you but you need to select the right tool for the job.  You may be able to hammer a small nail with the backside of a screwdriver but your job will be a lot easier and more professional if you use a hammer.  The same concept applies to tarot reading, if you have the right deck your readings will be a lot better than if you pick the wrong one.  Others may suggest decks for you and you can take their suggestions under advisement but it is wiser to choose the deck yourself and not to just run out and buy one someone suggested without researching the deck first.

Sunday, December 11, 2016

Mini Reading for the Week of Dec. 11, 2016

The situation Spirit is trying to draw your attention to – The Eight of Pentacles – Modesty is a good quality to have, this week it’s important to find a way to tout your talents without losing your modesty.  You’ve got skills and it’s time to use them to propel yourself forward.  Don’t get an over inflated head but do take credit for your good work.

The advice Spirit has for you – The Ten of Cups – Take pleasure in what you are good at.  The more love you put into your work the farther it will go and the more you will get out of it.  Spirit is telling you that now is the time to focus on the things you love and excel at.  Don’t be shy, celebrate your talents.

The outcome Spirit sees – The Ace of Pentacles – With your skills and your love of what you’re good at this week can really take you to a new level.  The way is paved for true happiness if you work on the right projects this week.  Not sure if you’re working on the right things, ask yourself how your project makes you feel.  If you’re filled with passion and a love for what you are doing then you’re on the right path.  If it doesn’t then it’s time to re-evaluate things and find a path that brings you closer to your bliss.

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Reiki for Pets

Reiki for Pets

Reiki isn’t just for humans anymore, it’s for our furry, feathered, and scaled loved ones as well.  If you’re not familiar with reiki check out my blog post Usui Reiki to learn about this energy healing modality.  Pets, farm animals, and even the wildlife in your backyard can benefit from reiki sessions just like you can.  Just as with humans, pet reiki is not a one and done.  The number of sessions needed will depend on the type and severity of the ailment/reason for treatment.  Pet reiki is meant to be a supplement to regular veterinary care and not a substitute for it.   

Reiki sessions for your pets can help with…

1.Accelerate healing - Animals with health problems can benefit from reiki sessions to help them in the healing process.  Reiki should be offered in addition to any treatments your veterinarian has prescribed. 

2.Stress reduction – Animals can suffer from stress and anxiety just like humans, in particular reiki helps to relax nervous pets.

3.Trauma – Unfortunately sometimes pets suffer from trauma too.  Reiki is particularly good for rescue animals or pets that have returned from being lost.

4.Emotional issues – Your pet can have emotional issues, such as being fearful.  Reiki can help to sooth these emotional issues.

5.Chronic pain – It’s not uncommon as our pets age for them to suffer from painful conditions such as arthritis or hip dysplasia.  Regular reiki sessions can help to ease these pains.

To learn more about my pet reiki sessions visit my Work With Me page and to book a reiki session in your home for your pet/farm animal use the contact form to the right of this page or send me a message on my Facebook page.

Sunday, December 4, 2016

Mini Reading for the Week of Dec. 4, 2016

The SituationThe 6 of Cups – Past influences feature heavily this week.  Don’t let this be a stumbling block.  No matter what happened in the past try to take a positive lesson away from what you have gone through before.  Apply those lessons to what is going on with you during this week.

The AdviceThe King of Wands – Don’t go it alone.  There is a knowledgeable person with a fatherly energy who can help you navigate your way.  You don’t want to give your power over to this person but take what they have to say under advisement as you choose your courses of action this week.  Getting an outside perspective on things can help you see angles of the situation you might not see on your own because of your emotional attachment to the situation.

The OutcomeDeath – This is an important week because it will either result with an important change taking place in your life or at the very least it will give you a jumpstart down your path toward making such a change.  Sometimes we resist change but it is a fact of life we can’t avoid and even though change can be uncomfortable those few moments of discomfort can bring us to a fabulous new place in our life.  Embrace the change that is coming.

Friday, December 2, 2016

Win a Distance Reiki Session

Here's a chance to win a free distance reiki session with me.  Distance reiki sessions can be just as powerful as sessions in person.  If you'd like to learn more about what reiki is please check out my post Usui Reiki.

If you'd like a chance to win a free distance reiki session entering is easy...

Like my Facebook page, share a post about the contest, and leave a comment saying you shared the post for the contest.

Want an extra chance to win, follow my blog by email.

The contest begins at 7am EST on Friday Dec. 2nd and closes at noon EST on Friday Dec. 9th.  The winner will be selected and notified on Sat. Dec. 10th.

Good luck and blessings to you.

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

5 Ways to Cleanse Your Aura and Space

5 Ways to Cleanse Your Aura and Space

Everyone from time to time has some negative energy around them or attached to their aura.  We can’t prevent it entirely from happening no matter how hard we try.  The day to day grind is bound to put us in contact with less than desirable energies and it is a given that some of that is going to rub off on us.  Sometimes we even have a negative entity that invades our space or attaches to us.  This is why we should do routine cleansings of our auras and spaces.

There are many ways to cleanse our energies and our spaces…

1.Reiki – For this method you will either need to be a reiki practitioner or visit a reiki practitioner.  One of the many advantages of having a reiki session is that it can cleanse the aura and balance the chakras offering some protection against the future buildup of negative energies.  You may not know though that reiki can also be used to cleanse spaces of negative energies.  There are other energy healing modalities that can offer similar benefits.

2.Crystal healing – In order to receive the full effect you will need to visit a practitioner who may or may not offer crystal healing in conjunction with reiki.  This will give you the most bang for your buck, but you can also meditate with crystals or place them around your space to clear out some negative energies on your own.  Some crystals you can try are: amethyst for purification, citrine to transmute negative energies, or clear quartz to dispel negativity.

3.Smudging – Smudging is the burning of herbs and using the sacred smoke to clear the energy of a place or person.  The most recommended herb to burn for this is white sage.  Some other herbs that you could use alone or with the sage or each other are: mullein for driving away evil spirits, rosemary to drive away hostile spirits, or sweet grass to attract positive spirits.

4.Water  – There are a couple of different ways in which water can be used to cleanse energies and chase away negative entities.  One is to asperge (sprinkle water around by the flicking of it from the fingers or dipping a sacred herb in the water and with a flick of the wrist dispersing the water from the sprig or branch of herb) either holy water or blessed water (water blessed by a holy person that may or may not be connected to a religious body) can be used for this.  Another way is to take a sea salt bath, making sure that the salt water cleanses your entire body/energy field (aura).

5.Sound – Different sounds can actually disrupt negative energies and chase away some negative entities.  Some items you can use for this are: bells, symbols, singing bowls, or chimes.

Of course as a reiki master and crystal healer I recommend that you see such a practitioner at least once or twice a year to have your aura cleansed, but as you can see above you have many options for clearing your energies on your own in between sessions.  If you try these techniques and are still having trouble then I recommend that you contact a professional like myself to book a session.

Sunday, November 27, 2016

Mini Reading for the Week of Nov. 27, 2016

The Situation - The 8 of Wands - This week's energies lend to the making of hasty decisions.  Take your time and think all things that come across your desk this week all of the way through.  When considering something make sure to think about all of the possible outcomes your decisions could have.  Try to see the ramifications of the decisions you have to make before you decide on a course of action.

The Advice - The High Priestess - Don't be afraid to consider the counsel of others who you consider wiser than yourself.  Even if you're a take charge kind of person who likes to bare the brunt of the world on your own shoulders stop and include the advice of others in your decision making process this week.  Also, consider if the decisions you have to make this week fall into any repetitive patterns you see in your life.  Is this situation part of a cycle in your life?  If the answer is yes is this a cycle you want to perpetuate or is it time to break the pattern and start a new path?

The Outcome - The Emperor - Just because you'll be going through a trial this week as far as decision making goes it doesn't have to be a trying time.  Think things through, see the consequences before you act, and take into account the advice from someone you respect and this week can be a prosperous one for you.  Carefully made decisions and carefully planned actions this week can lead you to a new level of stability and abundance in your life.

Do you have questions you'd like to have the tarot answer for you?  Visit my Work With Me page to see what kinds of readings I offer, and to book a session with me you can use the contact form to the right of this page or message me on my Facebook page.

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Crystals for Addiction

Crystals for Addiction

One of the toughest things we can deal with in our lives is addiction.  We can be addicted to alcohol, drugs, food, sex, the internet, video games, basically we can become addicted to just about anything.  There are different causes of addiction, some are physical and some are psychological.  The following crystals can help with the process of overcoming addiction.  They are no quick fix though, there is no such thing when it comes to addiction.  First and foremost someone suffering from addiction should seek professional help through their physician and a therapist.  Things like AA, NA, and Overeaters Anonymous can also provide a great deal of support.  While you’re going through those steps you can use these crystals to aid the process.  This is not an all-inclusive list, they are just the crystals I use.

Amethyst – alcohol addiction, breaking a bad habit
Apache Tear – detox, aids in making changes, combats self-limiting beliefs 
Aragonite – releasing negative emotional patterns
Bloodstone – helps end overindulgence
Blue Goldstone – help to admit the truth, stimulates the nervous system which can be damaged by some addictions, courage, new beginnings
Carnelian – lethargy, enhance self-esteem, depression
Dalmatian Stone- quit smoking, removes toxins
Labradorite - detoxifies the effects of tabacco, alcohol, and to a lesser extent hard drugs
Moss Agate – strengthens positive traits while tempering bad ones

There are a few ways you can use these crystals to help you work to end your addictions.  You can wear them, but generally the pieces in jewelry are small and many crystal enthusiasts say that size does matter.  You could keep them in a medicine bag around your neck or in a pouch in your pocket.  I like to lay with them on their corresponding chakra while meditating on their properties.  It’s also possible to hold one or two in your hands while you sit and meditate with them.  Keep them in spaces you regularly inhabit, ex. on your desk if you spend a lot of time there, where you do readings, or on your bedside stand.  Another option is to make crystal elixirs (essences, gem waters) with them.  This last suggestion takes some research as NOT all crystals are safe to use in this manner.  Selenite should never be used in an elixir because it dissolves in water.  Lapis Lazuli should never be used in an elixir because it contains pyrite.  These are just two examples.  A good resource to check before you make an elixir is  If you aren’t certain that a crystal is safe to use in an elixir then DON’T use it.

Resources for those with addiction...
Overeaters Anonymous

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Mini Reading for the Week of Nov. 20, 2016

The Situation – The Six of Wands – This week will bring good news.  Keep your eyes open and opportunities for advancement won’t be hard to find.  You can gain a lot of forward momentum on projects and goals so take advantage of these energies to get yourself to the next step.

Advice – The Chariot – Don’t let potential problems hold you back.  With this week’s energies you have the ability to easily surmount turmoil and adversity.  Be fearless.  Take control of your situation and don’t let the things that have been holding you back have sway over you.

Outcome – The Emperor – Take advantage of this week’s energies and you’ll be closer to if not fully realize your goals.  This week’s energies bring a level of stability to the scene.  Now is the time to take calculated risks to attain your goals.

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

16 Signs that Spirits are Near

16 Signs that Spirits are Near

Have you ever wondered if there is a spirit around you?  While those of us with the “gift” interact with spirits wherever we go  on a daily basis you don’t have to consider yourself a medium or psychic to have an encounter with a spirit.  Spirits will try to reveal themselves to the everyday person as well.  Here are some signs that there might be a spirit near you.  These might be earthbound spirits that are connected with a place you are or maybe even you personally or these could be the spirits of departed loved ones who have crossed over but are visiting because they have some message for you.

1.The Corner of your eye – When spirits are near you may catch a glimpse of them out of the corner of your eye.  You may think you see something but when you turn to look at that spot directly there is nothing/no one there.  It may seem like someone is standing in your peripheral vision or there may just be a flash of movement on the edge of your vision.

2.Unexplained noises/voices – There are many ways this can manifest.  Some of the unexplained noises that are often heard when a spirit is near are; knocking, footsteps, breathing, crying, laughing, and music.  It’s not uncommon to hear voices talking.  The voices may be low where you’re not able to understand them or they could be as clear as someone calling your name.

3.Ghost Smells – People often report smelling a strong and meaningful scent when a departed loved one is near.  They may perhaps smell a perfume that the departed wore or a particular tobacco that the deceased smoked all the time.  Whatever the smell there is a strong connection between the spirit and that scent.

4.Feeling of being watched/or not being alone – There are nonspiritual reasons such as exposure to extremely high levels of emf for having the feeling that you are not alone or you are being watched.  If these reasons can be ruled out then the feeling that you are not alone or are being watched are a sign that there is a spirit with you.

5.Feeling of being touched – This is a pretty strong indication that you are not alone.  If you feel like you are being touched then a spirit is definitely trying to get your attention.

6.Physical reaction – Spirits are a form of energy and we can have physical reactions to that energy.  When you are close to the energy of a spirit you may experience things like the hairs on the back of your neck standing up, goose flesh, or chills.  Some people also report headaches or feeling dizzy.

7.Music  – Maybe you’re rocking out at home while you’re cleaning and you’re about to dust a nik nak from a departed loved one and suddenly a song that you associate with them comes on the radio.  You’re driving down the highway contemplating a current life situation and on comes a song that reminds you of someone and instantly you know what advice they would give you.  It is not uncommon for spirits to use music to get your attention, to let you know they are there, and to pass on a message to you.

8.Electrical interference – Spirits are energy and have the ability to affect other forms of energy.  Flickering lights or lights blowing out can be one sign that a spirit is present.  Other electronics turning on or off by themselves or interference on a tv or computer screen could also be signs that you’ve got a spirit with you.

9.Temperature changes – This doesn’t always happen when spirits are near, in fact you can have spirits present with no change in temperature.  I find this phenomenon happens mostly, but not exclusively, when earthbound spirits are present.  It is more common for the temperature to drop in a space when a spirit is present but I have also read of cases where the temperature increased.  If you’re experiencing temperature fluctuations be sure to rule out mundane causes. 

10.Clocks stopping – Maybe your batteries just went dead.  On the other hand if you’ve had a few of these other signs going on and your clock stops it just may be Spirit trying to give you a sign.

11.Doors/windows opening and closing – Not all spirits have the energy required to make this kind of statement but if you find doors or cabinet doors, drawers, and windows opening and closing on their own it is a strong sign that a spirit is present.

12.Items have moved or disappeared – This is a pretty common sign that a spirit is hanging around.  Set your keys down on the dresser, turn around and they’re on your bed.  Sometimes it’s even more vexing, you set your heirloom ring in a dish on the sink and when you get out of the shower it’s just gone altogether.  Often the missing items will turn up down the road but in extremely bizarre places.

13.Animal reactions – Animals have a keen sense of the spirit world.  If your dog or cat appears to be watching something intently that “isn’t there” chances are they’re watching a spirit.  Sometimes dogs will bark or growl at the spirit.  Sometimes cats will hiss.  There are stories of pets chasing spirits around the house.

14.Signs, coincidence, or synchronicity – Sometimes things cross our path or come together in a way that we just have to say Spirit was there.  Maybe finding random pennies is a sign from grandma, or seeing butterflies in an unusual place.  Is there really such a thing as coincidence or is what we’re experiencing the result of guidance from spirit.  If you show up in just the right place at just the right time is it happenstance or was spirit guiding you to that place and time?  These things can all be signs that a spirit is around us.

15.Orbs/ anomalies in photos – This sign of spirits can be a little controversial because there are a lot of things that can cause orbs and anomalies to show up in pictures.  Still, if you’re able to rule out the everyday causes having orbs or anomalies appear in your pictures can be a sign that spirits are present.

16.Spontaneous memory/thought – Your dusting and suddenly an old adage that your departed granddad used to say pops into your head.  Maybe it didn’t just pop up there randomly, maybe he’s there with you.  Doing your taxes and you suddenly have a memory of making applesauce with your aunt, you’re not crazy it’s just her way of showing you she’s still there.  Any spontaneous memories or thoughts of a departed loved one may not be so spontaneous, they could actually be a result of that person’s spirit being there with you at that moment.

Sunday, November 13, 2016

Mini Reading for the Week of Nov. 13, 2016

The situation this week…This week requires vigilance.  Be on guard but not so much that you let yourself become paranoid.  Just keep an eye on everything going on in your life, don’t leave things to their own devices and chance.  Take an active role in overseeing all areas of your life.  This is also a week to look for insight into areas of your life that aren’t going as smoothly or as according to plan as you would like.  Take some time to meditate on these areas of your life to find ways to make things go more in your favor.

Advice for this week…Do NOT take things at face value this week.  Not everything is what it first appears to be.  Make sure to look beyond what is on the surface to reveal the truth in both the people and situations in your life.  You don’t need to take a “trust no one attitude” but do be cautious.  Also avoid making assumptions this week, lest you deceive yourself.  Make sure you have all the facts instead of filling in what you think the answers are.

The outcome for this week…You can get a great deal accomplished this week.  The potential is there to really make a lot of head way on projects and goals you’ve been working on.  Taking the first two cards into account you can really propel things forward and avoid any pitfalls while doing so.  What have you been wanting to make progress on but it may seemed like it was stalling out?  Think about these areas and really focus on them this week with the energy of success it offers.

To see what kind of services I offer visit my Work With Me page.  To book a session with me use the contact form at the right of the screen or message me through my Facebook page.

Friday, November 11, 2016

Win a World Tree Tarot Reading

Here's a chance to win my World Tree Tarot Reading by email.  This is a fifteen card spread that I have developed over the years that is designed to answer one specific question.  The question could be about your career, your love life, your goals, or anything you want to gain more insight to.  In this reading I delve into past and present influences surrounding the question as well as give you action steps you can follow to help you work toward the best possible outcome.  This is a very Spirit driven spread that gives a great deal of guidance not just a yes or no answer.

Here's How to Enter to Win...

- Like Rin's Spiritual Healing Services on Facebook
-Share my Facebook post for this contest
- Follow me on Twitter @RinsShs
-Retweet a tweet from me about the contest
- Follow this blog by email

Must like/follow and share/retweet on at least one social media page to enter.  If you like/follow and share/retweet on both you get two chances to win and if you follow this blog by email you get another chance to win.

Contest starts Nov. 11th, 2016 and ends at noon est on Nov. 18th, 2016.  Winner will be chosen at random and notified on Nov. 19th, 2016.

Good luck and share the healing power of Spirit.

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Crystals for Mediums, Intuitives, and Psychics

Crystals for Mediums, Intuities, and Psychics

Crystals can be very helpful tools to those with metaphysical abilities.  There are a vast number of crystals that one can work with and what follows are the crystals I like to use.  This is by no means an all-inclusive list so please post in the comments with the crystals you like to use and what you use them for. 

There are a few ways you can use these crystals to help you work to enhance your gifts.  You can wear them, but generally the pieces in jewelry are small and many crystal enthusiasts say that size does matter.  You could keep them in a medicine bag around your neck or in a pouch in your pocket.  I like to lay with them on their corresponding chakra while meditating on their properties.  It’s also possible to hold one or two in your hands while you sit and meditate with them.  Keep them in spaces you regularly inhabit, ex. on your desk if you spend a lot of time there, where you do readings, or on your bedside stand.  Another option is to make crystal elixirs (essences, gem waters) with them.  This last suggestion takes some research as NOT all crystals are safe to use in this manner.  Selenite should never be used in an elixir because it dissolves in water.  Lapis Lazuli should never be used in an elixir because it contains pyrite.  These are just two examples.  A good resource to check before you make an elixir is  If you aren’t certain that a crystal is safe to use in an elixir then DON’T use it.

Amethyst – meditation, psychic abilities, helps to transition from this world to the next, heightening intuition, spirit contact
Apache Tear – grounding, clearing tarot decks of negative energy
Apatite - clears aura, enable spiritual attunement, lucid dreaming, astral travel, psychic communication, clairvoyance, clairaudiance
Aragonite – meditation, raises the body’s vibrations while keeping you grounded
Bloodstone – emotional centering, inner guidance
Blue Obsidian - exploring your spiritual abilities, developing long-time psychic abilities, helps to receive intuitive information and communicate the information received, tarot reading, scrying, astral travel, pathworking with tarot
Carnelian – clears negative emotions and energies, meditation, connection to Spirit
Citrine – transmutes negative energies, aligns chakras
Clear Quartz – balance chakras, meditation, dispel negativity, amplifies energies, meditation
Dalmatian Stone – emotional harmony, calming
Fluorite -   cleanses aura, detoxifies spirit and places, relieves negative forces, improves intuition, meditation
Labradorite - connecting with spirit guides, connecting with spirits, psychic abilites, clairvoyance
Lapis Lazuli – psychic abilities
Moonstone – soothes emotions, helps intuition
Rose Quartz – “bubble bath for the emotions”
Smoky Quartz – helps intuition, dissipates negativity, grounding, meditation
Selenite - helps intuition, contacting spirit guides, meditation, cleanses aura, connects one to their spiritual path, opens and clears chakras, assists one to receive knowledge, link between this world and the spirit world
Tigers Eye – grounding
Turquoise – psychic abilities

Sunday, November 6, 2016

Reading for the Week of Nov. 6, 2016

The Sun - The current situation in your life is a real search for joy.  Not just fleeting happiness but a lasting sense of contentment and fulfillment in life.  You’ve grown tired of the status quo and seek to fill what you see as missing in your life.

2 of Pentacles - The advice from Spirit is to find new ways to handle the problems and adversities in life.  Don’t keep approaching things in the same way you always have.  If you continue to do this you’ll get what you’ve always got.  Now is the time to think outside the box for new solutions to the obstacles to you finding fulfillment.  Be creative in your pursuit of happiness.

The Hierophant - This journey will lead you to a new level of self-acceptance.  We can’t truly find joy in life until we accept ourselves for who we truly are, both our good qualities and our flaws.  Embrace who you truly are, forgive yourself for your past mistakes and treat yourself with compassion.  We are often our own worst critic, show yourself some mercy.

Monday, October 31, 2016

A Quick Halloween Tarot Reading

Today's energies call for patience.  Don't rush things or force things.  Just let the beauty of the day unfold.  Remember all things are best in moderation.  Don't let your Halloween activities go overboard.

The advice for today is to proceed with discretion and foresight.  It's a day of frolic but don't let your senses leave you.  Keep your wits about yourself and be careful you don't do anything that might cause you regret later.

Remember today to make a connection with your family and ancestors.  It's a great day to start looking into your genealogy and honor those who came before you in your line.  Remember you are the result of a thousand loves so take a moment to give thanks for that love.  Remember to also take time to feel that love yourself and show it in this world.

Friday, October 28, 2016

Past Life Reading Package

Past Life Reading Package

Many on the spiritual path believe in reincarnation and these past lives that we have lived can affect our current life.  Religions all over the world (Buddhism, Hinduism, Jainism, Sikhism to name a few) believe in reincarnation.  Even the Christian Bible taught reincarnation up until the time of the Emperor Constantine (306 to 337 A.C.E.) when the passages were removed.  Those who don’t adhere to any religion but just consider themselves spiritual often believe in the possibility of reincarnation as well.  It is a prevalent belief around the world.  In my college Asian philosophy class we were taught that it is believed by many that the soul reincarnates around 800 times.  There are, of course, other schools of thought on how many times we reincarnate but my personal experiences and readings fall in line with that philosophy.

Though we may not have conscious memories of our past lives we do carry those memories deep within us and they can affect many areas of our lives.  Another common belief among those who believe in reincarnation is that we tend to reincarnate within a soul group.  Not every soul in that group will reincarnate with us into every life but they do have a tendency to reincarnate with us through many lives.  The relationships we have with these other souls in past lives can affect the relationship we have with them in this life.  If you have a relationship with someone in this life that is difficult and there doesn’t seem to be a real reason in this life for it to be so difficult it may be the influences from a past life exerting their influence over this life.  Do you have negative patterns in your life that keep reoccurring?  This could be due to issues from a past life that you have yet to work out.    Fears and phobias that may seem completely irrational may stem from events that occurred in a past life.

Exploring your past lives can be a very emotionally stirring undertaking.  It is not something that should be taken lightly as it is some very serious and deep soul work.  While you may find aspects of your past lives that are beautiful, it can also be earth shaking.  Looking into what has gone on in the past can help you to heal in the present and to work on learning the spiritual lessons you are working on.  Delving into your past lives can help you move towards greater spiritual development.

I offer a past life reading package of my own design.  My reading package includes past life regression through reiki that allows you to delve into as many lives as you and Spirit decide to visit in the time allotted.  We will discuss what you uncover during your regression and then we will move on to a tarot reading that uses a spread I have designed over the years to delve into a past life.  The life the cards delve into could be one you uncovered during your regression or it could be an additional lifetime.  Spirit will determine what will be revealed in the cards.  Lastly I use mediumship, through the use of photographs you provide, to explore your soul group.  We are often surprised by who is and is not a part of our soul group and the relationships we’ve had with these souls in the past.

If you have a specific area you are interested on focusing on, ex. a relationship or negative pattern, please let me know either when you book your past life reading package or at the beginning of your session.  We can ask Spirit to direct the session to focus on your needs and questions so that you get the most out of your reading.

To book a past life reading package with me you can use the contact form on the right of the page or you can contact me through my Facebook page.  If you have any questions about the package please contact me so that I can answer them for you.

Note: I am now also offering a Past Life Reading Package (via Skype video call), this is slightly different than my live session.  You can check out the details on my Work With Me page.

If you would like some good reading on reincarnation and what happens in-between lives I highly recommend the books Many Lives, Many Masters by Brian Wiess and Journey of Souls by Michael Newton.

Skype Video Calls

I now offer tarot readings through Skype video call.  Availability is limited but let me know when you contact me to book you're reading if you would like this option.  Payment is made through Paypal invoice just as with email readings.  Sorry, I do not offer this service for the three card reading.

To see what types of readings I offer visit Work With Me.

To book a session you can contact me through the contact form at the right of the page or through my Facebook page.

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Usui Reiki

Usui Reiki

Reiki is the universal life force energy that flows through all things.  While other forms of reiki already existed in Japan, the Usui method was discovered by Mikao Usui who lived from 1865 to 1926.  It is an energetic alternate healing modality that often calls for the laying on of hands, though distance healings can be done as well.  It is touted as a method of stress reduction that allows for healing to occur but its practitioners and recipients often see it as far more. 

Reiki exists apart from religion, it’s not voodoo or any other kind of magic.  This means that you can follow any form of religion or spirituality and benefit from its healing energies.  Some, mainly of Christian faith, worry that receiving or practicing reiki is against their religious teachings but on the site Reiki for Christians the authors argue that there are actually several scriptures in the Bible that encourage the practice.  No matter your religious background, no matter what your spiritual beliefs, or lack of beliefs, reiki can help you.

Reiki is flexible in that it can be performed in person by laying hands on the person receiving the healing energy (the practitioner can hover their hands over the client if they are uncomfortable with even the noninvasive touch used for reiki) or it can be performed over great distances.  Its effectiveness is amplified even further when used in conjunction with crystal healing therapy. 

The reiki practitioner is merely a conduit for the energy, they are not performing the healing themselves but are facilitating a connection between the recipient and the universal life force energy.  Reiki is not something that is done once and then never again, for chronic ailments regular sessions need to be done.  This could be weekly or monthly depending on the severity of the recipient’s condition.  For those just wishing to maintain their level of health and gain greater relaxation a thirty minute session once a month to a sixty minute session once every six months is sufficient.  The recipient should talk to their practitioner about their goals and condition to work out a schedule that is right for each individual client.

The benefits of reiki / what it may help with…
-accelerates healing (physical, emotional, and spiritual)
-promotes inner peace
-confidence and self-esteem
-pregnancy and child birth
-chronic pain
-fears and phobias
-trauma and grief
-personal development
-manifest goals
-and more

To learn more about my reiki sessions visit my Work With Me page and to book a session use the contact form at the right of this page or message me on my Facebook page.

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

4 Tips to Forming the Best Tarot Question

4 Tips to Forming the Best Tarot Question

Whether paying for a tarot reading or doing one for yourself, forming a good question helps you to get the most out of your reading.  Getting or doing a reading takes time and energy and you want to get the most out of that precious time and energy.  If knowledge is power, getting the most out of a tarot reading can be a very empowering experience.  It’s not hard to frame a good question if you keep some things in mind.

1.Avoid yes/no questions.  Tarot is a tool for insight.  When you ask a yes/no question you’re losing out on the important insights that the reading could give you.  Ask open ended questions to get the most out of what the cards have to tell you.  Instead of asking, “Will I get the promotion at work?” ask “What can I do to get the promotion at work?”  By asking open ended questions you open up the reading to provide you with much more information.

2.Keep your question person centered.  Person centered means the reading is about the person asking the question and not about a third party.  Many tarot readers consider third party readings to be unethical and will not provide them.  A tarot reading delves into the energy and psyche of the person the reading is about and many readers will not go kicking around in the attic of someone who hasn’t given them permission by asking for a reading.  If what you want to know is about someone else reform the question to put yourself at the center of it.  Instead of asking, “Does he love me?” try asking, “Is this a positive and loving relationship for me?”  When getting a tarot reading it is not only okay but for the best to make it all about you.

3.Focus on the present.  When getting a tarot reading many want to ask will this or that happen in the future.  Remember that the future is not written in stone.  The tarot is merely a compass that shows you the direction you are currently moving in.  Any decisions made by you or other parties involved can change the direction.  This is why it is best to keep things about the present, so that you gain insight into the influences around you right now.  These insights empower you to make the choices that will lead you to the future you are seeking.

4.Be more specific.  There are folks that believe they should be vague and give their tarot reader as little information as possible and that the reader should just be able to use their gifts to know everything else.  You can do that if you want but if you really want to get the most out of your reading you should give your reader more specific details about the situation.  When you give the question more specifics you allow the cards to give you even more insight.  Instead of saying, “I want to know about my career,” try asking, “How is my troubled relationship with two of my coworkers affecting my career?”  More specific questions give you better insights to make empowered choices from.