Wednesday, November 30, 2016

5 Ways to Cleanse Your Aura and Space

5 Ways to Cleanse Your Aura and Space

Everyone from time to time has some negative energy around them or attached to their aura.  We can’t prevent it entirely from happening no matter how hard we try.  The day to day grind is bound to put us in contact with less than desirable energies and it is a given that some of that is going to rub off on us.  Sometimes we even have a negative entity that invades our space or attaches to us.  This is why we should do routine cleansings of our auras and spaces.

There are many ways to cleanse our energies and our spaces…

1.Reiki – For this method you will either need to be a reiki practitioner or visit a reiki practitioner.  One of the many advantages of having a reiki session is that it can cleanse the aura and balance the chakras offering some protection against the future buildup of negative energies.  You may not know though that reiki can also be used to cleanse spaces of negative energies.  There are other energy healing modalities that can offer similar benefits.

2.Crystal healing – In order to receive the full effect you will need to visit a practitioner who may or may not offer crystal healing in conjunction with reiki.  This will give you the most bang for your buck, but you can also meditate with crystals or place them around your space to clear out some negative energies on your own.  Some crystals you can try are: amethyst for purification, citrine to transmute negative energies, or clear quartz to dispel negativity.

3.Smudging – Smudging is the burning of herbs and using the sacred smoke to clear the energy of a place or person.  The most recommended herb to burn for this is white sage.  Some other herbs that you could use alone or with the sage or each other are: mullein for driving away evil spirits, rosemary to drive away hostile spirits, or sweet grass to attract positive spirits.

4.Water  – There are a couple of different ways in which water can be used to cleanse energies and chase away negative entities.  One is to asperge (sprinkle water around by the flicking of it from the fingers or dipping a sacred herb in the water and with a flick of the wrist dispersing the water from the sprig or branch of herb) either holy water or blessed water (water blessed by a holy person that may or may not be connected to a religious body) can be used for this.  Another way is to take a sea salt bath, making sure that the salt water cleanses your entire body/energy field (aura).

5.Sound – Different sounds can actually disrupt negative energies and chase away some negative entities.  Some items you can use for this are: bells, symbols, singing bowls, or chimes.

Of course as a reiki master and crystal healer I recommend that you see such a practitioner at least once or twice a year to have your aura cleansed, but as you can see above you have many options for clearing your energies on your own in between sessions.  If you try these techniques and are still having trouble then I recommend that you contact a professional like myself to book a session.

Sunday, November 27, 2016

Mini Reading for the Week of Nov. 27, 2016

The Situation - The 8 of Wands - This week's energies lend to the making of hasty decisions.  Take your time and think all things that come across your desk this week all of the way through.  When considering something make sure to think about all of the possible outcomes your decisions could have.  Try to see the ramifications of the decisions you have to make before you decide on a course of action.

The Advice - The High Priestess - Don't be afraid to consider the counsel of others who you consider wiser than yourself.  Even if you're a take charge kind of person who likes to bare the brunt of the world on your own shoulders stop and include the advice of others in your decision making process this week.  Also, consider if the decisions you have to make this week fall into any repetitive patterns you see in your life.  Is this situation part of a cycle in your life?  If the answer is yes is this a cycle you want to perpetuate or is it time to break the pattern and start a new path?

The Outcome - The Emperor - Just because you'll be going through a trial this week as far as decision making goes it doesn't have to be a trying time.  Think things through, see the consequences before you act, and take into account the advice from someone you respect and this week can be a prosperous one for you.  Carefully made decisions and carefully planned actions this week can lead you to a new level of stability and abundance in your life.

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Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Crystals for Addiction

Crystals for Addiction

One of the toughest things we can deal with in our lives is addiction.  We can be addicted to alcohol, drugs, food, sex, the internet, video games, basically we can become addicted to just about anything.  There are different causes of addiction, some are physical and some are psychological.  The following crystals can help with the process of overcoming addiction.  They are no quick fix though, there is no such thing when it comes to addiction.  First and foremost someone suffering from addiction should seek professional help through their physician and a therapist.  Things like AA, NA, and Overeaters Anonymous can also provide a great deal of support.  While you’re going through those steps you can use these crystals to aid the process.  This is not an all-inclusive list, they are just the crystals I use.

Amethyst – alcohol addiction, breaking a bad habit
Apache Tear – detox, aids in making changes, combats self-limiting beliefs 
Aragonite – releasing negative emotional patterns
Bloodstone – helps end overindulgence
Blue Goldstone – help to admit the truth, stimulates the nervous system which can be damaged by some addictions, courage, new beginnings
Carnelian – lethargy, enhance self-esteem, depression
Dalmatian Stone- quit smoking, removes toxins
Labradorite - detoxifies the effects of tabacco, alcohol, and to a lesser extent hard drugs
Moss Agate – strengthens positive traits while tempering bad ones

There are a few ways you can use these crystals to help you work to end your addictions.  You can wear them, but generally the pieces in jewelry are small and many crystal enthusiasts say that size does matter.  You could keep them in a medicine bag around your neck or in a pouch in your pocket.  I like to lay with them on their corresponding chakra while meditating on their properties.  It’s also possible to hold one or two in your hands while you sit and meditate with them.  Keep them in spaces you regularly inhabit, ex. on your desk if you spend a lot of time there, where you do readings, or on your bedside stand.  Another option is to make crystal elixirs (essences, gem waters) with them.  This last suggestion takes some research as NOT all crystals are safe to use in this manner.  Selenite should never be used in an elixir because it dissolves in water.  Lapis Lazuli should never be used in an elixir because it contains pyrite.  These are just two examples.  A good resource to check before you make an elixir is  If you aren’t certain that a crystal is safe to use in an elixir then DON’T use it.

Resources for those with addiction...
Overeaters Anonymous

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Mini Reading for the Week of Nov. 20, 2016

The Situation – The Six of Wands – This week will bring good news.  Keep your eyes open and opportunities for advancement won’t be hard to find.  You can gain a lot of forward momentum on projects and goals so take advantage of these energies to get yourself to the next step.

Advice – The Chariot – Don’t let potential problems hold you back.  With this week’s energies you have the ability to easily surmount turmoil and adversity.  Be fearless.  Take control of your situation and don’t let the things that have been holding you back have sway over you.

Outcome – The Emperor – Take advantage of this week’s energies and you’ll be closer to if not fully realize your goals.  This week’s energies bring a level of stability to the scene.  Now is the time to take calculated risks to attain your goals.

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

16 Signs that Spirits are Near

16 Signs that Spirits are Near

Have you ever wondered if there is a spirit around you?  While those of us with the “gift” interact with spirits wherever we go  on a daily basis you don’t have to consider yourself a medium or psychic to have an encounter with a spirit.  Spirits will try to reveal themselves to the everyday person as well.  Here are some signs that there might be a spirit near you.  These might be earthbound spirits that are connected with a place you are or maybe even you personally or these could be the spirits of departed loved ones who have crossed over but are visiting because they have some message for you.

1.The Corner of your eye – When spirits are near you may catch a glimpse of them out of the corner of your eye.  You may think you see something but when you turn to look at that spot directly there is nothing/no one there.  It may seem like someone is standing in your peripheral vision or there may just be a flash of movement on the edge of your vision.

2.Unexplained noises/voices – There are many ways this can manifest.  Some of the unexplained noises that are often heard when a spirit is near are; knocking, footsteps, breathing, crying, laughing, and music.  It’s not uncommon to hear voices talking.  The voices may be low where you’re not able to understand them or they could be as clear as someone calling your name.

3.Ghost Smells – People often report smelling a strong and meaningful scent when a departed loved one is near.  They may perhaps smell a perfume that the departed wore or a particular tobacco that the deceased smoked all the time.  Whatever the smell there is a strong connection between the spirit and that scent.

4.Feeling of being watched/or not being alone – There are nonspiritual reasons such as exposure to extremely high levels of emf for having the feeling that you are not alone or you are being watched.  If these reasons can be ruled out then the feeling that you are not alone or are being watched are a sign that there is a spirit with you.

5.Feeling of being touched – This is a pretty strong indication that you are not alone.  If you feel like you are being touched then a spirit is definitely trying to get your attention.

6.Physical reaction – Spirits are a form of energy and we can have physical reactions to that energy.  When you are close to the energy of a spirit you may experience things like the hairs on the back of your neck standing up, goose flesh, or chills.  Some people also report headaches or feeling dizzy.

7.Music  – Maybe you’re rocking out at home while you’re cleaning and you’re about to dust a nik nak from a departed loved one and suddenly a song that you associate with them comes on the radio.  You’re driving down the highway contemplating a current life situation and on comes a song that reminds you of someone and instantly you know what advice they would give you.  It is not uncommon for spirits to use music to get your attention, to let you know they are there, and to pass on a message to you.

8.Electrical interference – Spirits are energy and have the ability to affect other forms of energy.  Flickering lights or lights blowing out can be one sign that a spirit is present.  Other electronics turning on or off by themselves or interference on a tv or computer screen could also be signs that you’ve got a spirit with you.

9.Temperature changes – This doesn’t always happen when spirits are near, in fact you can have spirits present with no change in temperature.  I find this phenomenon happens mostly, but not exclusively, when earthbound spirits are present.  It is more common for the temperature to drop in a space when a spirit is present but I have also read of cases where the temperature increased.  If you’re experiencing temperature fluctuations be sure to rule out mundane causes. 

10.Clocks stopping – Maybe your batteries just went dead.  On the other hand if you’ve had a few of these other signs going on and your clock stops it just may be Spirit trying to give you a sign.

11.Doors/windows opening and closing – Not all spirits have the energy required to make this kind of statement but if you find doors or cabinet doors, drawers, and windows opening and closing on their own it is a strong sign that a spirit is present.

12.Items have moved or disappeared – This is a pretty common sign that a spirit is hanging around.  Set your keys down on the dresser, turn around and they’re on your bed.  Sometimes it’s even more vexing, you set your heirloom ring in a dish on the sink and when you get out of the shower it’s just gone altogether.  Often the missing items will turn up down the road but in extremely bizarre places.

13.Animal reactions – Animals have a keen sense of the spirit world.  If your dog or cat appears to be watching something intently that “isn’t there” chances are they’re watching a spirit.  Sometimes dogs will bark or growl at the spirit.  Sometimes cats will hiss.  There are stories of pets chasing spirits around the house.

14.Signs, coincidence, or synchronicity – Sometimes things cross our path or come together in a way that we just have to say Spirit was there.  Maybe finding random pennies is a sign from grandma, or seeing butterflies in an unusual place.  Is there really such a thing as coincidence or is what we’re experiencing the result of guidance from spirit.  If you show up in just the right place at just the right time is it happenstance or was spirit guiding you to that place and time?  These things can all be signs that a spirit is around us.

15.Orbs/ anomalies in photos – This sign of spirits can be a little controversial because there are a lot of things that can cause orbs and anomalies to show up in pictures.  Still, if you’re able to rule out the everyday causes having orbs or anomalies appear in your pictures can be a sign that spirits are present.

16.Spontaneous memory/thought – Your dusting and suddenly an old adage that your departed granddad used to say pops into your head.  Maybe it didn’t just pop up there randomly, maybe he’s there with you.  Doing your taxes and you suddenly have a memory of making applesauce with your aunt, you’re not crazy it’s just her way of showing you she’s still there.  Any spontaneous memories or thoughts of a departed loved one may not be so spontaneous, they could actually be a result of that person’s spirit being there with you at that moment.

Sunday, November 13, 2016

Mini Reading for the Week of Nov. 13, 2016

The situation this week…This week requires vigilance.  Be on guard but not so much that you let yourself become paranoid.  Just keep an eye on everything going on in your life, don’t leave things to their own devices and chance.  Take an active role in overseeing all areas of your life.  This is also a week to look for insight into areas of your life that aren’t going as smoothly or as according to plan as you would like.  Take some time to meditate on these areas of your life to find ways to make things go more in your favor.

Advice for this week…Do NOT take things at face value this week.  Not everything is what it first appears to be.  Make sure to look beyond what is on the surface to reveal the truth in both the people and situations in your life.  You don’t need to take a “trust no one attitude” but do be cautious.  Also avoid making assumptions this week, lest you deceive yourself.  Make sure you have all the facts instead of filling in what you think the answers are.

The outcome for this week…You can get a great deal accomplished this week.  The potential is there to really make a lot of head way on projects and goals you’ve been working on.  Taking the first two cards into account you can really propel things forward and avoid any pitfalls while doing so.  What have you been wanting to make progress on but it may seemed like it was stalling out?  Think about these areas and really focus on them this week with the energy of success it offers.

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Friday, November 11, 2016

Win a World Tree Tarot Reading

Here's a chance to win my World Tree Tarot Reading by email.  This is a fifteen card spread that I have developed over the years that is designed to answer one specific question.  The question could be about your career, your love life, your goals, or anything you want to gain more insight to.  In this reading I delve into past and present influences surrounding the question as well as give you action steps you can follow to help you work toward the best possible outcome.  This is a very Spirit driven spread that gives a great deal of guidance not just a yes or no answer.

Here's How to Enter to Win...

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Must like/follow and share/retweet on at least one social media page to enter.  If you like/follow and share/retweet on both you get two chances to win and if you follow this blog by email you get another chance to win.

Contest starts Nov. 11th, 2016 and ends at noon est on Nov. 18th, 2016.  Winner will be chosen at random and notified on Nov. 19th, 2016.

Good luck and share the healing power of Spirit.

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Crystals for Mediums, Intuitives, and Psychics

Crystals for Mediums, Intuities, and Psychics

Crystals can be very helpful tools to those with metaphysical abilities.  There are a vast number of crystals that one can work with and what follows are the crystals I like to use.  This is by no means an all-inclusive list so please post in the comments with the crystals you like to use and what you use them for. 

There are a few ways you can use these crystals to help you work to enhance your gifts.  You can wear them, but generally the pieces in jewelry are small and many crystal enthusiasts say that size does matter.  You could keep them in a medicine bag around your neck or in a pouch in your pocket.  I like to lay with them on their corresponding chakra while meditating on their properties.  It’s also possible to hold one or two in your hands while you sit and meditate with them.  Keep them in spaces you regularly inhabit, ex. on your desk if you spend a lot of time there, where you do readings, or on your bedside stand.  Another option is to make crystal elixirs (essences, gem waters) with them.  This last suggestion takes some research as NOT all crystals are safe to use in this manner.  Selenite should never be used in an elixir because it dissolves in water.  Lapis Lazuli should never be used in an elixir because it contains pyrite.  These are just two examples.  A good resource to check before you make an elixir is  If you aren’t certain that a crystal is safe to use in an elixir then DON’T use it.

Amethyst – meditation, psychic abilities, helps to transition from this world to the next, heightening intuition, spirit contact
Apache Tear – grounding, clearing tarot decks of negative energy
Apatite - clears aura, enable spiritual attunement, lucid dreaming, astral travel, psychic communication, clairvoyance, clairaudiance
Aragonite – meditation, raises the body’s vibrations while keeping you grounded
Bloodstone – emotional centering, inner guidance
Blue Obsidian - exploring your spiritual abilities, developing long-time psychic abilities, helps to receive intuitive information and communicate the information received, tarot reading, scrying, astral travel, pathworking with tarot
Carnelian – clears negative emotions and energies, meditation, connection to Spirit
Citrine – transmutes negative energies, aligns chakras
Clear Quartz – balance chakras, meditation, dispel negativity, amplifies energies, meditation
Dalmatian Stone – emotional harmony, calming
Fluorite -   cleanses aura, detoxifies spirit and places, relieves negative forces, improves intuition, meditation
Labradorite - connecting with spirit guides, connecting with spirits, psychic abilites, clairvoyance
Lapis Lazuli – psychic abilities
Moonstone – soothes emotions, helps intuition
Rose Quartz – “bubble bath for the emotions”
Smoky Quartz – helps intuition, dissipates negativity, grounding, meditation
Selenite - helps intuition, contacting spirit guides, meditation, cleanses aura, connects one to their spiritual path, opens and clears chakras, assists one to receive knowledge, link between this world and the spirit world
Tigers Eye – grounding
Turquoise – psychic abilities

Sunday, November 6, 2016

Reading for the Week of Nov. 6, 2016

The Sun - The current situation in your life is a real search for joy.  Not just fleeting happiness but a lasting sense of contentment and fulfillment in life.  You’ve grown tired of the status quo and seek to fill what you see as missing in your life.

2 of Pentacles - The advice from Spirit is to find new ways to handle the problems and adversities in life.  Don’t keep approaching things in the same way you always have.  If you continue to do this you’ll get what you’ve always got.  Now is the time to think outside the box for new solutions to the obstacles to you finding fulfillment.  Be creative in your pursuit of happiness.

The Hierophant - This journey will lead you to a new level of self-acceptance.  We can’t truly find joy in life until we accept ourselves for who we truly are, both our good qualities and our flaws.  Embrace who you truly are, forgive yourself for your past mistakes and treat yourself with compassion.  We are often our own worst critic, show yourself some mercy.