Sunday, February 26, 2017

Tarotscopes for the Week of Feb. 26, 2017

Aquarius - Strength - This week is a time to find your inner strength and use it to stand up for yourself and others.  Don't let others trample over you and those around you.  We're not talking a need to go on the war path but the energies this week will be on your side if you're a bit more assertive about your needs and boundaries this week.

Pisces - Seven of Wands - This week is a good time to reach for things you may have been a little timid to try for or that you've been putting off trying to achieve.  The energies around you right now really support you being successful in what you try to accomplish in the next few days.  If there's something you've been wanting to achieve now is the time to try for it.

Aries - Four of Cups - You may find yourself disappointed with others this week.  It's only naturally to feel let down by others from time to time, but take a step back and analyze the situation.  Did they really mean to let you down?  Was there really anything they could have done differently or was it just a disappointing situation for everyone involved?  Sometimes stuff just happens.  If this is one of those situations don't be too hard on the other person.

Taurus - Four of Wands - The word prosperity can mean different things to different people, but whatever makes you feel prosperous, expect more of it in your life this week.  Make sure that you are open to receiving this week so that you can accept what the positive energies flowing your way have to bring to you.  You can only become more prosperous if you are open to the possibilities.

Gemini - Justice - Looks like you may have been a bit naughty or thoughtless towards another.   Truly though you may not have acted at your best you don't want the effects to be long lasting.  Make amends this week, because none of us are perfect.  Take the time to repair any hurt feelings and improve relationships.

Cancer - The Lovers - The windows are getting steamy when you're in the car this week.  The energies are right to set off some sparks.  If your relationship has been a little ho hum this week is definitely the time to reignite the fire you've felt for each other in the past.  Set aside some time to forget the day to day world and responsibilities and just be present in your passion for each other.

Leo - The Empress - This week is about children; conceiving them, birthing them, raising them, caring for them, worrying about them, and everything else that parents do for their children.  Check in with your children this week whether they are young or already adults.  See what's going on in their life right now and let them know you are there for them whether they are experiencing highs or lows.

Virgo - Nine of Wands - Unfortunately there are still snake oil salesmen out there and even more regretably sometimes they are people who are in our day to day lives.  This week be careful not to believe everything you're told by everyone.  Trust your gut and your experiences to guide you through figuring out who's being genuine and who is trying to manipulate things just to meet their own needs.

Libra - Ten of Swords - Into every life some rain shall fall and chances are you may see more than a drizzle this week.  Remember, "It can't rain all the time."  The energies around you this week are not going to last.  Self care is extremely important this week, make yourself take time to nurture your spirit and relax your body.  Don't forget to cleanse your aura and space as well.

Scorpio - Knight of Cups - Are you ready?  Opportunities are open to you this week to make changes and improvements in your life.  Watch for them and pursue them, don't be passive.  Don't be afraid to make your own opportunities.  Pursue expressing your true potential this week and set yourself up for bringing better things into your life.

Sagittarius - The High Priestess - Our lives are full of patterns, many of which we may not be conscious of.  This week's energies are well suited to taking a look at your life and discovering those patterns and the cycles that we keep repeating.  Sort out which patterns are serving your true self and which are holding you back.  Learn to make the most of what is lifting you up and resolve to start working on riding yourself of those patterns and cycles that are blocking you.

Capricorn - Ten of Wands - Deadlines are approaching, be these they types of deadlines that are imposed on us by others, those imposed on us by ourselves, or those imposed on us by the universe.  Time is running out and the pressure is on.  That doesn't have to be a bad thing though.  Use the pressure as a source of energy to get things completed, turn it into motivation to complete things by your deadline.

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

The Lovers & Sexual Orientation

The Lovers & Sexual Orientation

Modern tarot readers have a tendency to challenge the symbolism of old.  There are all kinds of decks on the market now that deviate from what is considered the more traditional Rider Waite Smith deck, which for a long time was the standard of tarot.  One of the many critiques I've heard readers talk about is a need for decks with more racial representation and we're beginning to see that start to work it's way into modern decks.  There are now many decks out there for readers of different ethnic backgrounds that feature a theme of a specific ethnic background on the cards and I have one deck that is multiracial featuring themes from all over the world.  A pervasive topic in modern America is the equality of all the different ways of expressing one's sexual identity and orientation.  The cards haven't quite caught up to this though and to be honest I'm not sure that the art on the cards ever really can, but I'll get into that as we go along.  What I'd like to talk about is the specific card of The Lovers and how it relates to sexual orientation.

Now, there are actually some homosexual themed decks out there; some that I've heard of are the Bapst-Hall Tarot, the Brotherhood Tarot, the Cosmic Tribe Tarot, the Gay Tarot, and the Son Tarot.  Still, with all of the decks on the market The Lovers are vastly more frequently depicted as a man and a woman.  While I completely support the creation of decks for "alternative" sexualities, as I stated above I think there are limits to what the art in tarot cards can portray.  Let's just be honest, I don't think it's physically possible for one Lovers card to portray all the different sexual identities out there in one card.  The artist/author has to go with one representation be that heterosexual, homosexual, bisexual, pan sexual, monogamous or polyamorous. The real question here is that while we all have our own aesthetics, which is perfectly okay, does it really matter what sexual orientation/identity is depicted on The Lovers when we are reading the card?

If you're the kind of reader who memorizes meanings of cards or at least trigger words you have some basic direction for the meaning of The Lovers.  There's the obvious, that the card represents love, romance, passion, and partnership.  It represents a physical relationship between people.  Some decks have the card speak to the union of masculine and feminine energies.  There are more interpretations but these are just some of the basics.

I'm hetero, that's just my biological make up, but no matter what my orientation when I read The Lovers I always base my interpretation of the card on the querent and don't make the assumption that my experience is the same as theirs.  This isn't something I ever gave any conscious thought to and it was only recently that the way I read the card was brought to my attention. When I know the preferences of the querent I just automatically interpret the card in the context of their preferences.  In the cases where I don't know the querent's preferences I've always just found my self saying significant other rather than assuming a gender for the person's love interest/lover.  It doesn't matter at all to me that the decks I use feature hetero Lovers cards, to me their meaning really doesn't have anything to with the sexual identity the art is depicting when it can only represent just one sexual identity.  The card for me really has no attachment to genders or sexual orientations, it represents concepts that transcend that.  Don't get me wrong, it's perfectly okay to seek out a deck that has a Lovers card that speaks to your preferences, but whatever your preferences are make sure that you don't let the art on the card limit your interpretations of the card.  Find the symbolism in the card that speaks to all experiences and always remember to interpret the card in your querent's frame of reference and not your own.  The predominately heterosexual depictions on The Lovers cards may seem restrictive, and again, while I support decks that show different options the card is really only as restrictive as you are in finding the universal symbolism beyond the genders/orientations depicted in the card.  A heterosexual card can read perfectly for a homosexual querent and a homosexual card can read perfectly for a heterosexual querent etc.  In the end, pick a deck with a depiction that speaks to you but always remember when you're reading the card that your interpretation must speak to the querent and not to the card's limited ability to show all of the beautiful variants of how humans can express and experience love.

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Meeting Your Spirit Guide

Meeting Your Spirit Guide

Meeting and working with your spirit guides can be very rewarding but it can also be difficult to know how to start.  This post will walk you through finding and introducing yourself to a spirit guide.  Most likely you have several guides but you will only start to work with one at a time.  Different guides have different purposes in your life and in this exercise you will meet the one that is most pertinent to your life right now. 

Before beginning this exercise you’ll need to take a short flight of fancy.  Let your imagination wander and picture a sanctuary where you will meet your spirit guide.  This could be a place you’ve visited in your dreams or a meditation or it could be some place unique for this experience.  Don’t force anything, just let it build itself in your mind’s eye.  Maybe it’s a garden, a plateau, a forest, or a temple.  Let your imagination go where it is drawn.  Let the sanctuary build itself.

When you are ready to begin the exercise find a quiet place where you will not be disturbed.  Take the phone off the hook.  Hang a do not disturb sign.  Light some incense or burn some sage.  Play some soothing music.  Light some candles.  Do whatever you like to create the right environment to meditate.

Sit comfortably or lie down and allow your body to relax.  Take a deep breath and hold it a moment before exhaling.  Do this three times.  Allow your body to relax further.  Focus on your breathing for a moment while allowing your body to continue to relax.  Now in your mind’s eye see your sanctuary.  Where are you within the sanctuary?  Feel yourself in that place.

Say to yourself, “Here I will meet my spirit guide.”

In the distance you see a radiating golden orb approaching the perimeter of your sanctuary.  When it reaches the perimeter it stops.  You realize that nothing can enter your sanctuary without your permission.  You know that the orb is your spirit guide and you give it permission to enter.

Allow the orb to take shape.  It could remain an orb, take the shape of a person, take the shape of an animal, or perhaps just a symbol appears before you.  Do not try to force your will upon it, allow the orb to take its natural shape.  Know that this is a real being unveiling themselves before you.

Pay attention to what you sense and feel.  Is there a certain color, smell, sound, or any other sense that seems associated with this being?  Do you see or sense that the entity is male or female?

Your spirit guide already knows who you are and though it might seem a little foolish introduce yourself.  Ask your spirit guide their name.  This most likely is not their true name but they will give you a name to relate to them by and for you to use to call upon them.  Ask your guide what its purpose is and why it is around you at this time.  Ask how you can recognize it around you when you are not meditating.  Allow these answers just to come, don’t force them.

Spirit guides are not flights of fancy and to verify the reality of the entity you are speaking with you ask them for information that can be tested.  True guides do not mind being tested.  Ask them to reveal some information to you that perhaps you are unaware of at the moment or reveal something coming in the near future.

Ask your spirit guide if they have any other messages for you right now.

When you have finished talking to your spirit guide thank them and wish them farewell.  See them transform back into the golden orb and fade away past the perimeter of your sanctuary. 

Return your focus to your breathing.  Then begin to wiggle your fingers and toes.  When you are ready open your eyes.

Record all of your experiences in a journal.  I record mine in my divination journal but you can record them in any journal you feel they belong or dedicate a journal just for working with your spirit guides.

You can return to this sanctuary any time you want to communicate with this spirit guide or want to meet with a new guide.  This sacred space is always here for you.  After a while you will no longer have to come to the sanctuary to meet with your spirit guides.  The more you work with them the more you will be able to recognize them around you when you are out of the meditative state.  Know that your spirit guides are here to help you navigate through this life and they are always within reach.

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Playing Card Divination

Playing Card Divination

All you need is a standard deck of playing cards.  Separate out all of the 7’s, 8’s, 9’s, 10’s, jacks, queens, kings, and aces.  These are the cards you will use, giving you a 32-card deck to work with.  I use a very standard nine-card spread, but you can use any card spread you like.  To use the nine-card spread start by shuffling the deck while focusing on your question or the topic you want information about.  When it feels right cut the deck in three. Place the top card of each pile face up starting with the left most stack.  Return to the left stack and place the next card face up above the first card you turned, do the same with the other two stacks.  Returning to the left stack again, turn up the next card and place it below the first card you turned up, do the same with the other two stacks. Look at the spread to see if there are multiples of any suits or numbers, consult the meanings below for the meanings of multiples.  Then you can look for the meanings of the individual cards.  When asking a yes/no question it is generally believed that more red cards mean “yes” more black mean “no”, but I find the opposite true for myself.

Multiple Suits

~ feelings, emotions
~ money, prosperity
~ gravity, location
~ communication, any form

Multiple Number and Face Cards

7’s ~ time, the suit will tell you in regard to what
8’s ~ change, movement
9’s ~ change of mind
10’s ~ travel
Jacks ~ someone you haven’t seen in a while
Queens ~ spread of information or gossip
Kings ~ legal documents/papers
Aces ~ decisions

Individual Cards

~ love
~ money
~ something happening at a location somewhere other than where you are
~ a phone call, text, letter, or email

~ your heart’s desire
~ a surprise
~ an argument, disagreement
~ a communication with new information

~ party, entertainment
~ large amount of money
~ something will happen in the afternoon or evening
~ an official building, hospital

~ stranger, lover, or both
~ an untrustworthy person
~ an unmarried person
~ a friend

~ blonde woman
~ fair complected woman, red-haired woman, gray-haired woman
~ a dark woman
~ a brown-haired woman

~ blonde man
~ fair complected man, red-haired man, gray-haired man
~ a dark man
~ a brown-haired man

~ a decision to be made about something at home, an upside down heart is a decision to be made about something away from home
~ gift, card
~ large town, city
~ communication

Sunday, February 5, 2017

Romance Mini Reading for the Week of Feb. 5, 2017

We're nearing Valentine's Day and in honor of that this week's free reading is a romance mini reading.

Whether you are seeking to start a relationship or are already in one it is important that you are an extremely reliable person this week.  Whether the person in our life is already our partner or you're eyeing a potential partner this week's energies call for us to demonstrate just how reliable we can be for the object of our affection.  In particular we need to show this person that we are generous towards them with our love and that we are able to handle both our own and their emotions in positive ways.

This week shows a desire for something new.  Pretty much a no brainer for those who are seeking a new partner but what this card may really being trying to tell you is that the potential partner you've been seeking may not be the one who can satisfy you.  If you have old patterns when selecting partners that haven't served you in the past take a truthful look at them this week and see if you need to make some changes to what type of person you are trying to attract into your life.  For those already in a relationship this cards shows a need to add a breath of fresh air to your relationship.  Have a date night somewhere you've never been before, try a new hobby together, take a trip somewhere you haven't been together before, or try something new in the bedroom.  Don't do the same old same old this week, try something new be it something extremely different from your normal routine or just a small change.

Love isn't supposed to be serious all of the time.  Engage in some folly.  Laugh together.  Do something whimsical together.  Who says you have to act your age?  Maybe this week is a time to act like you're a young couple and do something a little wild (not too wild though).  Go paintballing, have a snowball fight, have a food fight etc.  Be young at heart and have some fun and a laugh together.  You'd be amazed at what acting a little "crazy" together in a fun way can do for an already existing relationship and how it can bring potential partners together.

Friday, February 3, 2017

Alchemy 1977 England Tarot Review

Alchemy 1977 England Tarot Review

These are my thoughts on the Alchemy 1977 England Tarot deck by Lo Scarabeo.  This deck is loosely based on the Rider Waite Smith deck.  It has 22 majors and 58 minors in the usual four suits.  The artwork though is quite different than the RWS.

The artwork in the major arcana is quite moving and beautiful.  It was pictures of the majors that actually got me to buy this deck.  I saw a couple of the cards and just fell in love.

Also beautifully done are the court cards with the queens depicted as both beautiful and grotesque.  While the kings are depicted as powerful dragons.

Unfortunately, I bought this deck upon impulse when I saw a couple of pictures of the majors.  I didn't research the deck to find pictures of the minors.  When I opened the deck I found that the minors were merely pips.  It was like the artist spent all the time on the majors and the court cards and then said, "I'm done."  I'm an intuitive reader and I use the images on cards as triggers for my natural abilities, while I can read from pips I find it not as enjoyable and as a result after trying hard to love the deck I've just kept it locked away in a drawer unused.

The depiction of the Death card is pretty literal in this deck.  It features a Grimm Reaper and the skeletons of the long departed.  This vision of Death is on the more brutal and war-like side with the sword protruding from the skeleton's chest and Death standing over the pile of skeletons more like he's lording over a pile of his fallen enemies instead of the more gentle depictions for this card found in other decks.  While dark, the artwork is still beautiful and emotive.

The backs of the cards suit the dark theme of the deck quite well.  The card stock is thin and the cards are smaller than most tarot decks.

This is not a deck you can use with just any client though as the imagery is dark, and only suitable for clients with dark tastes.

If you're good at and like reading from pips then this is a nice deck, however if you are like me then the minor arcana just ruins the whole deck.

If you'd like to see all 78 cards you can see them in my Youtube video here

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Why Tarot Readings aren't Free

I’ve seen people ask why tarot readers charge for their readings.  I’ve even seen people try to tell tarot readers that they have a “moral obligation” to read for free.  Where these notions come from I haven’t figured out, and I can’t say if this is a cross cultural phenomenon or if it is more prevalent here in the United States.  Let me take a few moments to explain to you why we charge for tarot readings.

If you just read tarot as a hobby once in a while then this may not apply for you but for those of us who dedicate ourselves to reading tarot for a living, even part time, it isn’t free for us to read for you.  It costs us money to be tarot readers.  So what expenses do readers incur to be able to read for you?  Here are just a few…

Tarot Decks – Tarot decks cost money and some cost a lot of money.  Most professional readers have multiple decks, not out of a hoarding compulsion but because some decks work better for some clients and questions than others.  Okay, maybe a little hoarding too but tarot decks are so beautiful that you have to give us that one.

Classes – I can’t speak for all tarot readers but I personally have paid for more classes than I could name here that have helped me to become a better tarot reader.  It costs money for us to take these classes and learn things that help us to serve you.

College Education – This certainly doesn’t apply to all tarot readers but it does to me.  I have a degree in psychology that I use in every single reading I do.  I combine the couch and cards.

Travel – I do in person readings as well as online readings.  That uses gas and puts wear and tear on my vehicle and costs me money.  Plus there’s car insurance, inspection, and registration, while tarot readings aren't solely why I have a vehicle a percentage of those costs are incurred because I do need a vehicle to do in person readings.  Many tarot readers travel to conferences and events all around the country, which costs them money.  I plan on doing some psychic fairs this year, it costs money to get to them.

Reading at Psychic Fairs – I don’t know if this is true everywhere, but in my area most of the fairs I have found charge a fee for the reader to get a table at them.

Books – These are a part of a reader’s continuing education so that they can continue to improve their craft and give you the best readings possible.  If you’re a book lover of any kind you know that books aren’t cheap.

Accessories – Yes, you can read tarot without any extras but many readers use accessories in their readings.  Some examples are; a reading cloth (which for myself is more about protecting the cards), incense, candles, tea, and crystals to name a few.  Are they mandatory? No, but clients do like the ambiance and tarot readers don’t get this stuff for free.

Reading Space – Readers pay for the space they are reading for you in.  If they are set up in a shop chances are they have either paid a fee to be there or have some agreement with the shop so that it gets a cut of the action.  If it’s a full time space that they are reading in then they have rent.  Even if they are reading to you from home they have rent or a mortgage to pay.  Remember they’ve committed themselves to helping others with tarot as their career and they need to keep a roof over their head in order to be able to read for you.

Internet – You can’t do anything without the net anymore.  Tarot readers maintain websites (which they often pay for) and social media accounts.  Many of us also use the net to give our readings.  Then there’s networking with other readers.  And we also use the internet to continue our education.  I can’t speak for others but about 75% of my internet consumption is from things that directly relate to tarot.  Meaning about 75% of my total internet bill is a direct cost incurred for me to be able to give readings.  We've got things like the electric bill too.  Can't use the internet without electric.

Business Cards – Thanks to sites like Vista Print this cost can be kept pretty reasonable but it is still a cost that we incur.

Advertising – If clients can’t find us we can’t read for them and advertising costs money.

Add to this that our society, pretty much worldwide, has agreed that our time has a monetary value attached to it.  If you go to work you want your company to pay you for your time because your time is worth money.  The same is true of a tarot reader.  This is the work that they do and their time has a monetary value just like everyone else’s.  We have to keep a roof over our heads, food on our tables, and clothes on our backs.  Just because our work is often considered spiritual in nature doesn’t mean that we can live for free.  We can’t go to the electric company and say I shouldn’t have to pay my bill because I’m a full time spiritual volunteer who doesn’t charge clients for my hard work.  The bills still need paid.

You are also paying for our experience.  Sure, anyone can pick up a tarot deck and lay out a spread.  Try it sometime, you may even be good at it.  We all have to start somewhere, but if you want a thorough, professional, and accurate reading you’re going to want to go to someone who’s been around the tarot block a few times.  Let’s say you want a cake for your one year old’s birthday party.  You may let your cousin’s friend’s brother’s niece who just started at the culinary institute make you one for free, but you’re going to get what you pay for.  If you’re planning a $10,000 wedding she’s not going to cut the mustard you’re going to want to pay for someone with more experience.  How does this translate to tarot?  If you want a daily card go ahead and draw it yourself, it’s a good practice.  If you just want a reading for kicks go onto one of the sites that offer free readings, but I’ve seen them and as I stated above you get what you pay for.  When you’ve got a serious issue or question that you really need guidance on, you want an experienced reader.

Lastly, most spiritual schools of thought have the philosophy that when something is being given (a tarot reading or reiki session etc.) that there needs to be an exchange between the giver and the receiver of the service in order for the receiver to truly benefit from the service being given.  In some cultures this is done through bartering and I do know some tarot readers who barter for their services, I have done this myself.  In western civilization though the exchange is typically a monetary one.  Why? Because we are taught that money has value, so the easiest way for most of us to make the exchange needed to get true worth out of the reading is to give it a monetary value, otherwise we see it as not having much value and then don’t give it the energy and thought needed for it to be truly meaningful.  I must say I find this to be true.  I have occasions where I do free readings and I can say that overall those who pay for the readings get more out of them.  Not because I short change the free readings but because those who have placed a monetary value on my readings are making the necessary exchange for them to truly benefit from the reading.  Those who pay for their readings are far more invested in their readings than those who don’t pay for their readings.  There are exceptions to this, which is why I still sometimes do free readings but I know that the results are typically far superior when a client has paid for their reading.

I hope this helps you to understand why tarot readings cost money.