Wednesday, April 26, 2017

6 Ways to Use Crystals Daily

6 Ways to Use Crystals Daily

The following are some ways you can use crystals in your everyday life, other than just as beautiful decorations.  Crystals can be used by wearing them, laying them on yourself, holding them,  sitting them in a space near you, or setting them up in a crystal grid.  You can find videos on setting up a crystal grid on   Clear quartz can be paired with any of the crystals in this article to boost their energies.  The crystals here are just a small sampling of what is out there.  I encourage you to do your own research to find other crystals that speak to you.

1.Harmony in the home.  We all want a happy home.  Cleansing your home is just one step in creating the atmosphere your family will want to live in.  Further enhance the energies of your home by placing around any combination of these crystals.  Amethyst (calming), Carnelian (clears negative emotions and energies), Lapis Lazuli (relationships), Moss Agate (brings balance to those with many obligations, helps with stress), Rose Quartz (the love stone), Smoky Quartz (relieves anger and depression).

2.Cooking.  Placing a piece of clear quartz on your stove is a folk practice that is said to enhance the flavors of all of your cooking.  I swear by this.

3.Writing.  Whether it’s your own blog or a letter to your child’s teacher, keeping some crystals on you or in your writing space can help you better articulate what you want to express.  Improve your writing by keeping around the following stones.  Bloodstone (creativity), Blue Goldstone (communication), Citrine (mental focus), Fluorite (increases concentration), Lapis Lazuli (creative expression), Moonstone (creativity), Sodalite (communication), Turquoise (writing).

4.Stress.  We all have stress in our lives and we could all use a little less.  If you’ve just the normal amount try placing some of these crystals on a bedside stand to help you unwind at night.  A little more stress?  Try wearing or carrying some of these stones with you.  Amethyst (stress reduction), Fluorite (stress reduction), Moonstone (soothes emotions, composure), Moss Agate (stress reduction), Smoky Quartz (relaxation).

5.Meditation.  Science has proven beyond the shadow of a doubt how beneficial it is to meditate.  Need some help getting started or just want a boost to your meditative practice?  Try some of these stones.  Either hold them while you meditate or place them about your meditation area.  Aragonite (meditation), Bloodstone (emotional centering), Blue Goldstone (meditation), Fluorite (meditation), Smoky Quartz (meditation).

6.Tarot reading.  I keep a piece of smoky quartz with my deck to keep it cleansed.  When I read I keep a piece of amethyst near me to increase my psychic abilities.  I also keep a piece of selenite near me.  Selenite is good for communicating with spirit guides and spirits because it has a very high vibrational rate that allows it to be a link between this world and the spirit world.

Saturday, April 15, 2017

Mini Reading for the Week of April 16, 2017

Card 1 represents what situation Spirit is trying to draw your attention to.  This week Spirit is nudging you to focus on your ability to aid those around you.  Give a loved one a boost by giving them some creative suggestions for overcoming the obstacles in their life.  You don't need to do the work for them but you can help them immensely by giving some creative yet sound suggestions.

Card 2 represents the advice that Spirit has for you regarding the situation.  Teamwork is very important this week.  No person is an island unto themselves.  Helping others achieve their goals can be rewarding and while we shouldn't expect reward for aiding others, lending some guidance to those around you this week is sure to enrich your own situation in some way.

Card 3 represents the most likely outcome this week if you follow Spirit's advice.  We often don't realize how big of an impact a small kindness can have on another person.  Your guidance and help this week can keep others from hitting a dramatic emotional downturn.  Sometimes we become myopic in trying to work things out for ourselves and just a thoughtful suggestion of a new possible course of action can catch us as we are falling, this week you have the chance to catch someone.

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Using a Pendulum

One of the tools of divination that one may want to use is a pendulum.  Using a pendulum is often referred to as dowsing, though if you look up the definition of dowsing on Wikipedia (which isn’t always correct) it does not list the use of a pendulum as a form of dowsing.  The use of a pendulum in divination can also be called radiesthesia.

In the case of radiesthesia it is believed that all bodies and objects give off a different radiation.  This radiation is called an “aura.”  The pendulum reacts to this aura and we interpret that reaction.  Radiesthesia is particularly concerned with detecting health problems but its beliefs can extend beyond that.

The use of pendulums for divination can be traced back about 5,000 years to the orient.  Europeans began to find it popular during the middle ages and it remained a favored form of divination through the nineteenth century.  It fell out of favor for a while but in the early twentieth century there was a resurgence of its popularity with the British Society of Dowsers being founded in 1933 and remaining active to this day.

How a Pendulum Works
There are different schools of thought here.  As in the case of radiesthesia, it is believed that the pendulum is reacting to the “aura” of radiation that a body or object emits.  Others believe that it is one’s spirit guides that communicate to us through the pendulum.  There are others that say it is not our spirit guides but whatever spirits/ghosts are present at the time.  There is a school of thought that the pendulum is reacting with the more traditional definition of an aura.  Some say it is the divine who guides the pendulum and there are those that say our subconscious minds are controlling the pendulum revealing information we already know but are not conscious of.  It is possible that all of these are true and the mode by which the pendulum works is determined by the one using the pendulum.

What to Use as a Pendulum
The most obvious choice is to buy a premade pendulum.  They are often made out of crystals but can be made out of metal as well.  What if you don’t have the money or just don’t want to buy a premade pendulum?  Buying one ready-made is not necessary.  You can use a favorite ring, charm, or pendant that is attached to a chain or string.  It is best to use something with a little bit of weight to it.

How to Use a Pendulum
Some say that pendulums are “living” things in their own right.  This being the case you and your pendulum are going to have to develop a language for your pendulum to communicate with you.  Before you do any divination work with your pendulum you’re going to have to ask it a few questions.  Hold the chain or string in your dominant hand with the pendulum just above the palm of your non-dominant hand.  Ask your pendulum to show you what “yes” is.  Your pendulum may begin to swing clockwise, counterclockwise, from fingertip to wrist, or from side to side across your palm.  Whatever it does, this is your pendulum’s “yes” for you.  Now ask it to show you “no.”  Note how the pendulum swings, this is your pendulum’s “no” answer for you.  You can also ask it for an “I don’t know” or a “maybe.”  Some say that you must do this before each time that you use the pendulum, but others find their pendulums to be consistent and do not feel this needs to be done every time.

In the case of using the pendulum for health issues you will have to experiment to find what your pendulum does when reacting to a person’s aura.  It may remain still over healthy areas of the body and swing wildly over areas where there is an issue.  It may swing clockwise over healthy areas and counterclockwise over unhealthy areas.  Just like above you will have to develop a language with your pendulum.  The use of a pendulum never replaces a doctor and you should encourage anyone who comes to you with health problems to see a qualified physician. 

Do you need to find a missing item?  Make a “map” or diagram of the place where you lost your item.  Let’s say you lost a ring somewhere in your house.  For the sake of this explanation let’s say you are sure you lost it somewhere on the first floor of your house.  Sketch a map of your first floor, it doesn’t need to be detailed just draw an outline and label the rooms.  Hold the pendulum over each room.  Which room does it react to?  Now you have two choices; you can either go ahead and search that room or you can draw a slightly more detailed map of that room to narrow down where to look in that room.

Pendulums can also be used to find water, a practice often referred to here in the States as Water Witching.  As always you will have to become familiar with your pendulums language in this case in order to interpret what your pendulum is trying to tell you.  Your pendulum may remain still and then begin to move in any direction when water is present or your pendulum may move one way in the absence of water and another way when it detects water.

By now I’m sure you get the basic idea.  Your pendulum will behave one way in certain conditions and a different way under different conditions.  You just have to spend time working with your pendulum to learn its language.

What to Use a Pendulum for
Here are a few things that you can use your pendulum for.
-Answering Yes/No questions
-Finding lost items
-As a compliment to western medicine for detecting health problems
-Determining the sex of a baby
-Finding water
-Detecting the presence of spirits

-There are also pendulum mats that you can purchase (or make) that will allow your pendulum to answer a variety of questions.

Sunday, April 2, 2017

Tarotscopes for the Week of April 2, 2017

Aquarius - Three of Cups - Take some time to work on healing any open wounds this week.  Declare these next few days a self-care week.  Meditate, take a walk in the woods, forgive someone, take a relaxing whatever helps you to replenish yourself.  Resolve to let yourself heal what you can.

Pisces - Knight of Cups - This week may invite you to experience something new in your life.  Be on your toes though because you'll need to act fast if you're going to embrace this opportunity.  It's important to be open to spontaneity.

Aries - Ace of Pentacles - This will be a pretty choice week for you.  Looks like smooth sailing and the good times seem to far out weigh any minor bumps in the road.  You won't have to try hard to be happy this week but that doesn't mean you can't do a little planning to make it ecstatic.

Taurus - Temperance - Do things in moderation this week and don't over extend yourself.  Seek to find a balance between doing/feeling too much or too little.  Take a moment to evaluate your current situation and become aware of any extremes.  Once you've found them, resolve to bring those areas more into balance.

Gemini - Chains - Work on your self-image and in identifying what unhealthy limitations you place on yourself.  What beliefs are you holding onto that are keeping you from achieving who you are meant to be?  Identify these self-limiting beliefs and begin the hard work of chipping away at them.

Cancer - Two of Wands - Take the high road this week.  Others may not behave admirably or ethically but that is their energy to work out.  Choose wisely how to react in situations where you have to deal with these people.  Don't let them determine the rules, play by your own and design them with integrity.

Leo - The Star - Looks like maybe you are in need of some inspiration this week.  Sometimes inspiration just comes to us but sometimes we have to sort of put ourselves in the way of inspiration.  Put yourself in places or situations that have the potential to inspire you.  Listen to music, view some art, read a book, walk in the woods, meditate, basically go with wherever you usually find your muse and don't be afraid to look for it in unusual places too.

Virgo - The Moon - The moon just seems to be a weekly card for my tarotscopes, seems like someone gets it every week no matter what deck I use.  We like to think the best of people but not everyone who presents themselves as being on your side is truly your friend.  It might be time to examine some of your relationships more closely to evaluate who really has your back.  Don't let these people bring you down though, give thanks for the true friends you have in your life.

Libra - The Hermit - This week may be a good time to retreat into your shell a little.  You won't want to stay there forever but it is nice to have a little solitude once in a while.  Spend some quality time with yourself and disconnect from the daily grind for a little while.

Scorpio - The Magician - What hobby or skill have you been toiling at?  This week is a great time to work towards getting closer to mastering what you've been working on.  Spend some quality time on your pursuits this week and you will see yourself making progress at increasing your skills.

Sagittarius - The Hanged Man - This week is just kind of hanging there for you.  It's just a week with nothing particular to write home about.  Just try to go along with it and chill because things will start moving forward soon enough.

Capricorn - The Emperor - Confidence is key for you this week.  If you are not naturally confident then for this week subscribe to the old saying, "Fake it 'til you make it."  In other words, act as if you are confident and eventually you'll start to truly align with that state of being.  Just keep in mind that to achieve the things you want this week you need to project confidence.