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I first discovered my gift to communicate with spirit in my early childhood and it has been a constant part of my life.  A claircognizant, medium, intuitive tarot reader, ordained spiritual counselor (ordained through the Universal Life Church with a B.S. in psychology from Slippery Rock University), reiki master, and empath my goal is to help you gain deeper insight into your life and achieve the happiness you are seeking.  I connect with Spirit during my tarot readings to bring you the messages that will help you on your path.  To me the tarot is a tool that acts as a compass, it shows you the direction you are currently traveling in.  If you don’t like that direction you have the ability to make different choices that will point you in a new direction on your path to self-fulfillment.  I also use reiki as a tool to help you heal and achieve your most authentic self. 

I've been working with tarot since 1995 and reiki since 1998.  I've been working with crystals as long as I've been working with reiki.  I graduated from college in 2003 and started working in the mental/behavioral health field.  I worked in both outpatient and inpatient settings with children as young as four to adults approaching the end of life.  The work was hard and sometimes dangerous.  Overall, I found it very limiting having to conform to the conservative standards of my employers.  The settings did not allow for me to use my gifts to help patients and clients and there is a sterility and absence of Spirit in mainstream conservative therapy models.  I knew that I could offer more to people.  That through my gifts and skills I could help people to grow spiritually and find a deeper healing than I was allowed to work on in my daily job.  My methods are what we call in the industry "culturally competent."  This means that it doesn't matter what faith you are or how you perceive the Divine I can work with you to help you find a deeper connection.  I work with clients of all faiths.  My services are not about connecting you to my concept of the Divine but helping you to unearth a deeper connection for yourself to your concept of the Divine.

I accepted my gifts at a young age.  I understood that I wasn't talking to imaginary friends but to the spirits of those who had past.  Sometimes these interactions were happy and sometimes they were scary.  As a medium I have worked with ghost hunting groups.  I've cleansed and blessed homes and people, and I've given messages to the living from their departed loved ones. 

Through this website I am offering tarot readings, reiki sessions and crystal healing.  All with a focus on Spirit helping you to enrich your life.  I offer my services in person to those that are local to me and online for those that are not.

To book a session use the contact form on the right of the screen or message me through my Facebook page.

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