Terms and Ethics

I know this page is boring but I've gotta put this information out there...

In regards to tarot reading and mediumship services...

My base of operation is Pennsylvania so I must work in accordance with the state's laws regarding tarot readings and "fortune telling."

Part of that is the requirement that I must declare that all tarot reading and mediumship services are for entertainment purposes only.

Also according to state law...

I am NOT permitted to claim that I can predict the future.

I CAN'T tell you where to find stolen property.

I CAN'T tell you where hidden property or money is, so if Aunt Tilly hid the family fortune I can't tell you what she did with it.

I CAN NOT predict games of chance. If I could do this I'd be rich myself.

In addition to the state regulations...

I am NOT a medical professional.  If the cards indicate a health problem I will pass that information on to you but I do not have a medical degree.  I can not make any diagnosis.  You must seek a medical professional to help you with any medical issues.

I am NOT qualified to give legal advice.  The cards may give some insight to a situation but use that as material to discuss with your legal professional.

I do NOT give financial or investment advice.

Pregnancy issues are best discussed with your physician.  If you want to know if you are having a boy or a girl please defer to your ultrasound technician.

I do NOT make death predictions.

I offer person centered readings, I do NOT offer third party readings.  To understand how to make sure your reading is person centered please read my blog post 4 Tips to Forming the Best Tarot Question.

Tarot is a compass that shows a snapshot of the course things are on right now.  We have free-will though so that means the choices we make and the choices others who are involved in the situation make can change the course at any given time.  If you like the snapshot that a reading gives you then work to make choices that will stay that course.  If you don't like the snapshot you are shown then it is up to you to work on changing the picture by making different choices.  Ultimately, your life is your choice.  Never forget that.

In regards to reiki services...

Reiki is a powerful tool but it is not a substitute for standard medical care.  It is meant to be a compliment to what your doctor already instructs you to do.  Again, as a reiki practitioner I do NOT make diagnoses.  That is the job of your physician.

In regards to any service you purchase...

I do have a background as a mental/behavioral health professional, but I can only work in the confines of what is allowed within the combination of having a B.S. in psychology and being an ordained spiritual counselor.  As I do NOT have a masters I am NOT a therapist and can NOT act as such.  One such restriction is that I can NOT make a mental health diagnosis.  While the services I offer can help with maintaining good mental health they are meant to be used in combination with a licensed masters level therapist.

My services are strictly confidential.  All of your personal information and all things discussed in our session will be kept in the strictest confidence.  The only exceptions are instances of child abuse or if you are a danger to yourself or others.  Only in these instances will I break confidence and the information will only be shared with the appropriate agencies.

By purchasing any of my services you are affirming that you are 18 years of age or older.

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